Frequently Asked Questions


Free flow means that you don't have to pay for your drinks all night long. All you can drink. Drinks are very expensive in HCMC at all of the places we go to, they run at an average of 12-17 USD per drink so do the math and you'll realize the great deal you could get with us.
Expedited entrance means we will not make the regular client line, we will have our own line, we will head to the front of the line. And not have to wait in line. (priceless)
First of all remember we are not a regular "pub crawl" we are Platinum Club Tours. Besides paying way less on drinks and no cover charges anywhere we go, we will treat you like our old friend, showing you a good time in our town, not only will we take you to quality venues but we know exactly what place its "going on" , what night and at what time, not to mention the new friends you will be making throughout the night. Drinks and entrances (if you can even get in) are expensive in HCMC so coming out with us will make your night much simpler. WE ASSURE YOU THAT YOU WON'T FIND A BETTER DEAL IN TOWN
Platinum Club Tours is a party tour on steroids. We've taken the best part out of a "pub crawl" and combined it with QUALITY venues and FREE FLOWdrink packages to make it a Platinum Club Tour. We get people that are unfamiliar with HCMC and show them to the best nightclubs in HCMC. Open bar at first venue for 1.5 hours, express entrances, cover charges included on the 2nd and 3 clubs and a dedicated party ninja (party host) with you at all times making sure you get all these services. (We keep our groups small to give personalized service so make sure you book well in advance)
We meet at 8:30PM or 9:00PM every night in District 1(Specific meeting point will be sent at booking) We advise you book in advance if you want to save a spot since we keep our groups compact.
We are like friends taking out friends, we keep or groups compact so people are able to enjoy more of themselves and the people around them without having to worry about the masses or being hoarded like cattle, avoiding lines and long waits etc. Our clients are from all over the world and from all age ranges but usually between 25 and 45 years old.
Unlike regular "pub crawls" we do take you to the best and funnest venues available and get you the best value for your money. We are the party and we make sure you have a great time no matter what. We start on a bar/pub to greet, meet and take advantage of our open bar, from there we walk to a venue where we turn up a notch with more ambiance and louder music and finish the night with a bang in a top nightclub where you can dance your shoes off.
We meet at our first bar of the night from there we take our fun transportation to the 2nd club of the night after 1.5 hrs we again get picked up to take us to the nightclub of the night.
Yes and is very strict no athletic shoes, sneakers, shorts (for guys), baseball hats, flip flops, or tank tops (for guys), nice dressy flats for girls are recommended. Some of the clubs, especially the ones we go to last, have more reserved dress code policies. The rule of thumb is dress to impress. We are not responsible for denied entry to any venue based on inappropriate attire or irresponsible drinking.
We only take you to quality venues the most fun bars/clubs in town, fortunately we have done the research for you so we know exactly where to go and when to go, we always start at a bar from there we turn it up a notch and go to a club to finally finish the night with a bang on one of the best nightclubs in HCMC.
We have prior 24 HR 100% refund policy after that no refund can be given.
No, we recommend to take a taxi or subway to our meeting point and back from the last club of the night.

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